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Utrecht is vibrant student city. This means that the demand for student housing exceeds the supply and finding a place to stay in Utrecht is a real challenge. Utrecht University does not own any student accommodation, but has entered into an agreement with a local housing corporation that reserves temporary furnished housing especially for international students of Utrecht University. It is important that you apply on time so you can be sure to have a place to stay when you arrive. After acceptance of an undergraduate research at Utrecht University you will receive instructions, but you can also apply earlier. On www.uu.nl/housing you can find more information on housing for international students.

Cost of Living

See Cost of Studying and Living

Health Insurance

You must carry health insurance throughout your stay in the Netherlands. Medical costs are high, so make sure your health insurance covers the Dutch tariffs. We strongly advise you to apply for a liability insurance. The student packages offered cover medical expenses, extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, liability and baggage cover and household goods. Information on Heath Insurance for international students.

Students usually visit their family doctor first. Upon arrival students receive a list of doctors, dentists and pharmacies.
Health and safety issues and services.

Visa and Residence Permit

The Utrecht University International Office assists students with visa applications (http://www.uu.nl/EN/informationfor/internationalstudents/arrivingandliving/visa/Pages/default.aspx). This service is available to students applying for international programs like EuroScholars. Students from the US and Canada are exempted from applying for an Entry Visa (MVV). A Residence Permit is required for all non-EU citizens staying in the Netherlands for a period longer than 3 months. UU organizes a special registration day in September and February.

Check Fees for permits for the latest information on permit fees for students who don't need an MVV.



A general orientation program will be offered to all international students early September and early February. It is part of the free Utrecht Feel at Home Service.

Study Facilities

Utrecht University and the city of Utrecht offer a wide rang of student facilities. You can find information on Study facilities, Language courses, Accommodation, Sports facilities, Arts & cultural activities, Religious services, Meals and beverages, Personal support services, Student organisations at www.uu.nl/exchange -> student life

Student Support

For international students there is an Academic orientation, enrolment and social introduction a week before the semester starts. More information can be obtained from the institute international student adviser

Student ID-Cards

ISIC stands for International Student Identity Card. This card is an international student card, which is issued in more than 80 countries and with which you can get discounts on travel, in restaurants, in museums etc.

All full-time students at a Dutch university can purchase an ISIC card. See www.uu.nl/internationalstudents.

Computer Access and Email account

As a student at Utrecht University you can use a variety of university ICT services. For example, students can use an extensive e-mail system, including a diary, virus check and 100 MB storage space. You can access your university e-mail from anywhere in the world at any time of the day via a web browser. The student MyUU portal gives you access to a number of facilities like the digital portfolio, electronic learning environments and the University library catalogues. You can also access OSIRIS Student, the academic progress system. There you can change your own address details, register for courses and tests, look at your timetable and - last but certainly not least - look at all your results. You will also be given a personal u-drive with space for up to 50 MB of files. This u-drive can be read from a web browser, so you can access it from your own PC as well as anywhere inside and outside the university. This means in effect that you always have access to the documents you're working on. In addition, Utrecht University has a number of computer rooms where you can work undisturbed.


In 2004, all University Libraries moved to a new Central University Library. The University Library isn’t worth a visit for its huge collection only. For information check http://www.uu.nl/university/Library/EN/Pages/default.aspx

Student Services

You are always most welcome to direct your enquiries to the Utrecht University Exchange Officer for the US, an institute international student adviser, a student association or the Utrecht University Euroscholars contact person.

Counselling Services

See Student Facilities for information about psychological and personal counselling, career counselling, learning disabilities etc.

Depending on your specific situation, there are a number of experts within Utrecht University whom you may contact for counselling and advice during your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme. These include academic counsellors, student counsellors and student psychologists.

Student Services offers information, advice and individual consultations on the following subjects: Illness  Special family circumstances, Pregnancy, Disability (and chronic illness), RSI, Outstanding student athletes, Study-related problems or personal problems, Making choices, Career orientation

Sports and Recreational Facilities

Utrecht University provides excellent sports facilities in its Olympos Sports Centre. It provides top-class facilities for indoor football, basketball, volleyball and handball. At the centre, you will also find squash courts and a well-equipped fitness centre. Outdoor facilities include football fields, a rugby pitch, hockey fields, a golf practicing course, beach volleyball courses and all-weather tennis courts. You can join a course, a student sports club and use the facility for your own recreational sports. All in all you can take part in over 30 different sports, including tae bo, capoeira, fencing, fitness, running, squash, tennis, salsa dancing, street dance, and different kinds of ball sports – all at student rates of course. For additional information see the website of Olympos.


If you have a question that has not been answered yet please check the frequently asked questions/e-mail for prospective Bachelor or prospective Master at www.qdesk.uu.nl/english

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