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The University of Zurich offers participants of the EuroScholars Program a private room with shared facilities (kitchen 4 persons, bathroom 2 persons) in walking distance to the Campus Irchel of the UZH. The room is measuring between 14 to 16 m2 and includes furniture, internet access, TV, telephone (optional, extra costs) and kitchen equipment. Bed cloths and bedding have to be provided by the tenants. They are also responsible for the cleaning of the apartment.

Cost of Living

The following is an estimate of the monthly cost of living in Zurich in CHF (Swiss Francs):

Rent (including heating)


Utilities (telephone, Internet)


Health and insurance






Clothing, laundry, personal items







Health Insurance

For anyone staying in Switzerland longer than three months, health insurance is compulsory. The health services department of the place of residence will ask the students to hand in the policy for health insurance. If it meets the Swiss requirements, an exemption from the obligatory insurance is possible. If not, a policy for basic insurance must be taken out at a Swiss health insurance company.

The Students’ Advisory Office (ReBeKo) offers help concerning health insurance matters. Click here for more information.

Visa and Residence Permit

Visa: The International Relations Office of the UZH will help you obtain the visa. The form “Gesuch um Einreisebewilligung” found here has to be filled out in duplicate and sent to the International Relations Office.

Residence permit: After having entered Switzerland, all students are required to register at the local resident’s registration office (“Kreisbüro”) in the neighborhood of their residence. Students will need a valid passport, visa, two passport-size photographs, rental contract, and confirmation of matriculation from the UZH. A residence permit and a foreigner’s identity card will be issued four to six weeks after registration. Both registration and identity card are liable to a fee.



Before the beginning of each semester EuroScholars students will arrange a meeting time with the International Relations Office. They will be provided with all relevant information individually, In the fall semester, there is a reception held by the president of UZH where Euro Scholars students have the opportunity to meet other international students.

Study Facilities

Various dining halls of the UZH and the ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) provide a wide choice of food. The student identity card entitles students to get meals at a reduced price. Details on the cafeterias can be found on the following websites: and

There is also a diversity of student societies, associations and other organizations which are presented at

ERASMUS Student Network (ESN) is a European student organization which aims at supporting international exchange students feel at home in their host country. ESN organizes various excursions (e.g. city tours, ski and trekking weekends) and a monthly party or social gathering. ESN has established a mentoring system which brings foreign exchange students into direct contact with Swiss students who will help getting settled in Zurich. Students can sign up on a mailing list and find out what the current events are on

Student Support

For mentoring systems see ERASMUS Student Network above

Student ID-Cards

The student identity card will be given to the students at the orientation event. The ID will entitle the students to have meals at a reduced price, to buy study materials (books, scripts, computers etc.) in the student shops ( at discount prices and to get access to the sport facilities of the University (see below).

Computer Access and Email Account

All students at the University of Zurich receive a login data for their personal account, which provides a personal email address, use of the internet, and computer access at the University. The login data are also required for the online registration for modules and courses. Help with using the account is offered online at and at the IT Services at the University:


Students are entitled to use a great number of public and academic libraries in Zurich. The main research libraries are the “Zentralbibliothek” (Central Library) and the “Hauptbibliothek Universität Zürich-Irchel” (Main Library of the Irchel Campus). Together with the numerous academic libraries of university departments and institutes they hold more than 5 million volumes as well as a large number of electronic databases and journals. In addition, students can borrow books from more than eighty public and academic libraries from all over Switzerland by interlibrary loan. All libraries offer excellent facilities including computer access, reading rooms and copy machines.

Zurich Central Library:

Main library at the University of Zurich-Irchel (HBI) and other university libraries:

Student Services

Advisory Services:

Sports and Recreational Facilities

The Academic Athletics Association of Zurich (ASVZ) runs four different sports centers and offers instructional classes in over 80 different types of sports, recreation and wellness, as well as various drop-in facilities such as solariums, saunas, and weight rooms:

Leisure and Entertainment

There is a vast amount of things you can do in Zurich. Apart from internationally renowned institutions, such as the opera house, the theatre (Schauspielhaus), the concert hall (Tonhalle) and the art museum (Kunsthaus), there is a great variety of smaller venues providing abundant entertainment for each taste. In addition to a large number of bars, night clubs and discos, there are concerts in former factories, dance performances at the river, art exhibits in secluded galleries; on Mondays, movies and plays are shown at reduced rates in the entire city.

Detailed calendars of events are published on Thursdays in the city newspapers and are available online (Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Tagesanzeiger

There is also an exceptionally wide range of sports facilities to be found in the city – Zurich offers everything from ice skating to beach volleyball. In summer, the city’s numerous public swimming pools along the river and lake are especially popular. For more information, please check the homepage of the city of Zurich:

Public Transport

Public transport in the city of Zurich is a dense and well-planned network. There are buses, streetcars, regional trains, and even boats. There is a discount for students under the age of 25 ( In addition, bicycles are an inexpensive alternative to public transport.

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