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Karolinska Institutet organises an introduction week for international students held a week prior to the start of the autumn semester each year.

The introduction week starts with a three-day intensive course in Swedish and then continues with practical information about bank accounts, personal numbers, insurances, library and computer usage, finding your way around campus, student unions at Karolinska Institutet and lots more. Students who take part will also get a kick start in socialising with their new classmates and get a chance to network with students outside of their own programme. The start of the spring semester each year will contain the same type of information, excluding the Swedish course, comprised into one day.

Euroscholar students who arrive outside of the scheduled start-of-term-introduction will receive a similar personal introduction from the international coordinators, and will be able to take part in cultural introduction and events organised by the student unions and Global Friends.

Global Friends (GF) is a committee within the student unions, responsible for arranging social activities and providing a student hosting programme for incoming exchange students.

Through Global Friends, exchange students are introduced not only to Karolinska Institutet, but also to Stockholm, Swedish culture and traditions. They are also given the opportunity to meet other exchange students. GF furthermore works as a link between exchange students and Swedish students. Activities arranged include visits to different museums, the archipelago and a dinner with Swedish food.

There is also a pick-up service for international students who wish to be guided from Stockholm Central Station to their accommodation on arrival.


A limited number of one-room studio apartments are available for exchange students at Karolinska Institutet. Most of these rooms are located in student residences situated around 10 minutes by bus from Karolinska Institutet’s Campus Solna. The rooms are student dormitory-type accommodation, simply furnished, with a private shower and toilet. Kitchen facilities and launderettes are shared, though kitchen utensils are not included in the rent, nor are meals. Karolinska Institutet equips the rooms with curtains, blankets, pillows, and lamps, but no towels or sheets. An internet broadband system is installed in the rooms. All rooms are for single occupancy only. The monthly rent is included in the EuroScholars programme fee.

More information:

KI Housing
Berzelius väg 3, SE-171 65 Solna,
Phone: +46-8-524 821 90
Mail: info@kihousing.se

Cost of Living

To give an idea of the cost of living, a feasible monthly budget for a single person might be as follows:

Item expenditure (SEK)

  • Food: 2,000
  • Telephone, internet, TV: 750
  • Accommodation: 3,500
  • Student union fee, books: 200
  • Local travel: 800
  • Other (insurance, phone, clothing, leisure, etc.): 1,500
  • Total/Month (SEK): 8,450

On average a EuroScholar student will thus need around 450-500 Euro per month. This estimate does not include accommodation since this is included in the EuroScholars program fee.

Health Insurance

All students, regardless of nationality, are covered by a general student insurance, which covers any personal injury that takes place while the student is on campus property or in transit to or from his/her place of study. It is, however, very important to make sure that you have complete medical coverage in case of illness, emergency, or injury during off campus leisure activities, for example. Be sure also to check your dental coverage before departure for Sweden. Depending on your policy, dental treatment may be covered by your medical insurance, or you may need to purchase separate dental insurance. Medical treatment is expensive without any form of health insurance.

Student Visa

Students from North America (with a United States or Canadian nationality) need a residence permits for studies in Sweden. Currently, financial proof of at least SEK 7 300/month is required from the Swedish Migration Board and should probably be viewed as a minimum.
more information.


For further information, please see Useful facts for visiting academics

Student ID card

All registered students receive a KI card (“KI-kortet”), which grants access to students’ computer rooms on the campuses. The card gives access to the Karolinska Institutet facilities in and Solna.

All students receive a student ID card which entitles them to a number of different discounts on a national and local level.

Computer Access and E-mail account

Upon registration, students will receive a Karolinska Institutet email account. Students are offered free access to computer facilities on our campuses. A wireless networks is also available on campus..

Internet access is available in the student rooms through broadband. The connection fee and subscription have to be paid for by the tenant.


The Karolinska Institutet University Libraryis the largest medical library in the Nordic region. The library, which houses international medical and scientific journals, books and databases, consists of two service units and a network of computerized services. The service units have different focuses: Biomedicine at the University Library in Solna, and Odontology, Health care and Nursing at the University Library in Huddinge. The University Library has study rooms and areas for individual and group study. Find out more at http://kib.ki.se.


Medicinska bokhandeln is the name of two bookstores owned by the student union Medicinska Föreningen (MF). They are located at Berzelius väg 3 (Solna) and Moas torg under the name Harrys Böcker (Huddinge). Apart from medical books, they also sell many other types of literature, including paper-back fiction in English and French.

Student Services

Information desks are available at Berzelius väg 3 on Campus Solna and at Alfred Nobels Allé 12 on Campus Huddinge. The international student coordinators also provide guidance for international students. Reach them on +46 8-524 800 00, or by emailing malin.ahlen@ki.se.

The Student Health Centre - Studenthälsan

The aim of the Student Health Centre is to promote the physical and mental health of our students and a healthy social student environment.

The Student Health Centre primarily works to prevent problems occurring through individual consultations, group activities and through efforts which focus on the study environment. It works as a complement to regular health care services.

Find out more at http://ki.se/studenthalsan.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

As part of the Karolinska Institutet Health Promotion there are several health related facilities for the free use of all employees, researchers and students. These include ergonomic, light and massage rooms at on Campus Solna, and a student gym at Campus Huddinge.

Employees and students at Karolinska Institutet are also entitled to a discount at Friskis & Svettis, a countrywide health and fitness centre, who offer group training classes and a gym on Campus Solna.

The student sports association (SSIF – Stockholms Studenters Idrottsförening) arranges a wide range of different sporting activities, such as basketball, dancing and sailing. As a member of a student union you are entitled to a discount. Find out more on the SSIF website.

The Medical Students’ Union (MF), to which most international students belong, have a sports committee which organises sporting events throughout the year. They can be reached at idru@medicinskaforeningen.se.

Student unions

In Sweden, student unions have traditionally played an important role in university life and are often influential forces at the universities. To become a member of one of Karolinska Institutet's student unions and participate in your union's activities, you must be a student at Karolinska Institutet and pay a membership fee.

The student unions offer a broad spectrum of activities. Besides organising parties, cultural events, excursions and more, they are also represented in all decision making bodies at Karolinska Institutet, particularly in the Board of Higher Education, giving students a change to have an impact on their study environment.

The Medical Students' Association (MF) is the largest of the three student associations at Karolinska Institutet. MF was founded in 1877, making it the oldest student union in Stockholm. Today the union has around 7,000 members. This is the union to which most international students belong.

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