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With eight faculties and a number of research centers and specialized institutes, Lund University is the largest unit of research and higher education in Sweden.

Founded in 1666, the University owns a natural place among the foremost universities of Europe as an internationally prominent institution for higher education and advanced research covering a broad subject spectrum.

At present, more than 42,500 undergraduate and 3,000 postgraduate students are enrolled at Lund University and altogether some 6,000 people are employed. Education is offered within the faculties of Technology, Science, Law, Social Sciences, Economics & Management, Medicine, Humanities, Theology & Religious Studies, Performing Arts, and also in Civil Aviation.

Lund University co-operates with a great number of universities, university networks and research institutes all over the world. It takes a very active part in the educational and research programs of the European Union.

Location: Lund, Sweden

Around 100,000 persons call Lund home, half of these with ties to the University. Students form an absolute majority and contribute to the youthful feel that permeates the city.Annually some  1900 international exchange students choose to study in Lund. The city of Lund not only represents a thousand years of history and academic excellence, it is also the base of flourishing enterprise, and the University is much involved in this.

Lund is locatedin the very south of Sweden, close to Copenhagen, Denmark and the continent. Denmark lost this area to Sweden in 1658 and the University was founded in 1666 as part of the ‘Swedification’ of the region. Thanks to its geographical position, Lund has great connections both to continental Europe and to the rest of Sweden. 

Sweden, with a surface area similar to California, has a population of 9 million, with about 85% living in the southern half of the country. It is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary form of government.

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Specific Research Opportunities  

The university focuses increasingly on multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental research in areas where researchers and students from various subject areas collaborate. The formation of centra are the core of these interactions, ones that have grown in answer to how researchers should solve the increasingly complex problems that permeate society. There are many examples of LU’s internationally successful operation at the interfaces between medicine, technology and the natural sciences : Sustainable Development of Global Society, the Stem Cell Center, Research on Neurogenerative Diseases, and others.

Another area of cutting edge research is the nano-science research, part of the Nanometer Structure Consortium, a research network that involves around one hundred researchers and is supported by such groups as the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Two prestigious and research oriented Erasmus Mundus Programmes involving Lund University have been approved by the European Commission; both within the environmental sciences.

Lund is also where the first and very prosperous science park in Scandinavia “Ideon” was established.

The hallmarks of Lund University are a democratic philosophy, critical thinking, concern for the global environment and ethnic and social diversity. Other values important to Lund University include humor, innovation and a humanist perspective.

Language & Culture Course

Before the beginning of each semester, a course in Swedish for beginners is offered to incoming exchange students. With this base, students might add a continuation course.  The introductory program also includes a couple of guest lectures and an excursion. However, a special advantage for international students coming to Sweden is the fact that most Swedes speak and understand English.

The faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences offer about twenty courses in English on various subjects in the area of Swedish and Scandinavian Area Studies as well as the European Dimension.

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