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A unique program for every student

The EuroScholars program is unique because each student's curriculum is individually built. The student and the Research Project Supervisor at the host university agree on the content and credit value of the different components of the curriculum. What the study program will exactly comprise of depends mainly on the student’s academic level (undergraduate, graduate), previous education, and research experiences.

Dialogue on the curriculum

The most important step in the application process is the interaction between the student and the Research Project Supervisor. Active dialogue between those parties gives both the opportunity to look for the best possible match in research. Also, this gives the student the opportunity to create a curriculum that leads towards his or her personal academic objectives and to get the most out of the EuroScholars experience.

EuroScholars' standard course descriptions

In order to ensure the quality of education and research, EuroScholars has developed the following course descriptions to provide a general idea of expected work and outcomes for each component of the program.

Course Descriptions:
> Language & Culture Course/s (example & .pdf)
> Methods & Literature Review (.pdf)
> Research Project (.pdf)

Supervision by leading experts

The Research Project Supervisors at the host universities are leading experts in their field of research. The participating European universities are all part of the League of European Research University (LERU), of which membership is granted to institutions that excel in academic research. Quality of supervision and conducted research can thus be assured.

Formalizing the agreements

All three parties, the student, the research project supervisor and the home institution, will have to agree on what the examination requirements are for receiving ECTS-credits and on how the credits are transferred. All this is to be formalized in the Learning Agreement that will also include information on the personal learning goals of the student.

> Learning Agreement (.pdf)

Transcript & credit transfer

After completion of the semester, the host institution will issue a transcript listing all program elements of the EuroScholars semester abroad. The transcript will be composed based on the host institution's standards for transcripts and grading. Different European countries have different grading systems. Most institutions will therefore enclose an explanation on the grading system to the transcript. Most universities express their credits in ECTS. Informative documents can be downloaded below.

> Info on ECTS credits (.pdf)
> Grading system in the Netherlands (example & .pdf)

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